Celebrity Equine now sells Jump Poles!


Imagine never having to paint a wood pole again! The “Perfect Pole” from Burlingham Sports starts with a 3 1/4″ wood jump pole which is then encapsulated in polyethylene. The result is a completely sealed, all weather 3 1/2″ jump rail. The “Perfect Pole” has the weight of wood combined with the long lasting, color fast durability of rotational molded polyethylene. White 8′ poles are available and the 10′ and 12′ lengths are available in ten UV stabilized colors. Optional striping kits are available for further customization.

The Perfect Pole with stripes! The stripe color is molded into the polyethylene giving the pole a seamless change of color that will not fade or rub off. Our manufacturing process eliminates the problems associated with painting, such as chipping and peeling. Perfect Poles, will provide years of maintenance free service. White poles with three stripes painted in one of 5 standard color choices. Also available is our Birch, Cedar and Log Perfect Poles.

We have the Best delivered Price! Contact us at Sales@CelebrityEquine.com for more information on pricing and delivery.

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