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9th of July 2018 12:40 PM Link
I’m very excited to represent Zone 8 again this year at Young Riders in North Salem, New York! Beyond grateful to the many people that made this possible and looking forward to my bringing my main man Tommy with me !

Anke Magnussen
Will Simpson
Grace Kelly
Tracy McKenzie Boyd
Judy Martin
Bob Parker
Monica Cornejo Rahman
Jennifer Flynn
A.J. Schlatter Flynn
Kevin Flynn
Mary Kay Flynn
Patrick R Flynn
Heidi Hopper
Karoline Sauls
Cindy Fraker
Lindsey Carse
Tom Kramer
Kent and Jennifer Selzer
Mitch and Linda Adams
Florian Moreno
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4th of July 2018 07:49 PM Link
29th of June 2018 03:16 PM Link
29th of June 2018 06:26 AM Link
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18th of June 2018 06:39 AM Link
**How wild horse fathers keep their families together.**
It may look like the grey stallion in the back is grumpy but he is not. The way he is positioning his body and lowering his neck is called snaking; this is how he leads his band away from danger and makes sure they stay close together. Lead stallions protect and take care of their families 24/7 and it is the one thing they will give their lives for. Horses and people have much more in common than one might think.
Honoring all fathers today for loving and protecting their families! #fathersday #SRWHMG
Picture by SRWHMG Rick Blandford.
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12th of June 2018 05:59 AM Link
13th of May 2018 03:33 AM Link
27th of April 2018 03:01 PM Link
Please meet Little Old Lady, Lolly for short. A Salt River wild horse born during harsh natural circumstances with a mother who had nothing left to give.

With a team of volunteers we were able to surround her and catch her yesterday and transported her to the vet immediately.

As suspected, Lolly has a full break in her left foot. That means she has a long road ahead, but she does have a chance for survival, after all we have seen and treated worse cases!

She now has a cast and is in the care of our expert vets who also treated Gem and Mori with life threatening injuries, who are now healthy, running and playing together every day. We love the happy endings, and with your support can keep them coming!

We may be able to rescue mom as well, with our humane bait trap/ human round pen method, but she will have to come back to the feed station first herself.
At over 20 years old she may also decide to stay wild and free until the very end, but her feed stations will be filled every evening.

We will make sure her little one gets the love and attention she needs. If she makes it, she will enjoy her life with her Salt River cousins as her family.
We will need lots of Ultra24 milk replacer again and we will set her up her own page so she can get lots of sponsors for her vet bills and nesesities!

On the road again,
Gratefully, the SRWHMG.
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22nd of April 2018 09:32 PM Link
~ More satisfied horses & people!
Thank you Salt River Wild Horse 🐴 Management Group for allowing us (Celebrity Equine LLC.) to be of service.
22nd of April 2018 09:32 AM Link
👍Paris Sellon & 🦄Cassandra
Photo by ~ Ania Górska
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9th of April 2018 11:29 AM Link
Integrity Feels Good ~ Do the Right Thing! #saltriverwildhorsemanagementgroup
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2nd of April 2018 08:10 PM Link
23rd of March 2018 08:40 PM Link
17th of March 2018 08:45 AM Link
12th of March 2018 09:36 PM Link
12th of March 2018 07:18 PM Link
🍀Delaney Flynn & 💎Kristin MSFH showing off the 2 Silver 🥈🥈Medals Won @ Young Riders.
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11th of March 2018 06:38 PM Link
Delaney Flynn
🍀Irish 🌹Rose 🐴Ranch #flynnfamilyfarm #celebrityequine
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8th of March 2018 05:11 PM Link
“Celebrity Dogs” #farmpets
4th of March 2018 06:43 PM
15th of February 2018 02:39 AM Link
We observe many times over, how a lone stallion will fight for a mare he is in love with for months and months, battle after battle, without giving up. When he finally gets her, he will protect her and give his life if he has to.
~ These passionate stallions love their mares, if he has more than one, he still usualy has a favorite. They are ever observant for threats of any kind, always on duty to protect, without taking a break.
~ Observe quietly and you will see which ones will stay very close to eachother, not just for a few hours, or by coincidence, but for their entire lives if they can. We know for a fact that some mare and stallion pairs on the river have been together for over 15 years.
~ Mares also love their protective stallions. When the oldest stallion on the river died last year, he left behind his mate of 15 years, heartbroken till this day. She gave birth to his foal this week, the last of his offspring.
~ Behind each social interaction there are so many levels of love and sometimes heartbreak. Far beyond the pretty pictures, beyond their popularity and far beyond their physical beauty, wild horses are loving and sensitive animals who live for just one purpose, true love.
~ We do wish that this would be much more widely known and understood. The way to break a wild horse completely is to take him/her away from their family. Sadly this happens every day across the United States when wild horses are rounded up.
~ So this Valentines day, please share our post for the love of wild horses everywhere. And when you do, note the heart in this picture?
~ We thank you for each and every share and your love and support for what we do. We are wishing you a HAPPY VALENTINES DAY from all of us!!
(Picture by SRWHMG Photographer Jennifer Tally) #keepwildhorseswild #valentinesdaypictures
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