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7th of June 2019 11:10 AM Link
~ Yesterday was a terrible day. We have a lot of bad news, if you dont like bad news, please don't read this post.
~ We have lost 3 extremely loved Salt River wild horses and we are working hard, in order not to loose another one.
~ We received an alert of a snotty nose on Cactus Fire, the beautiful 2 year old stallion born during the Cactus Fire of 2017. After a long search for him, we found him hiding, and in very bad shape. We watched and assessed him, with his head hanging low and bad respiratory gurgling he was not able to breath, a very bad case of pneumonia.
~ The next day, with him doing even worse, we made the decision together with the AZDA to end his terrible suffering quickly. This is far more humane than the long road to death from pneumonia.
~ While the most difficult task of all, we were glad to be able to do the last kind thing for him. Thank you to our Ag Liaison Jacquelynn Hughes from the AZDA.
~ Cactus Fire was special, not only because of his rare almost charcoal color, but because of the circumstances he was born under and how he survived his first few days under the ashes. In the end, maybe inhaling the smoke may have caused him to have weak lungs. We will never forget him, or the Cactus Fire.
~ Another loved and much photographed little horse was Melanie, the 2019 filly of Scarlett. She had been having a hard time keeping up with her band ever since she was born, but she was still with them. We had been keeping a close eye on her in case we needed to rescue her. Sadly a member of the public witnessed her falling down and and then convulsing, we rushed there quickly, but she had passed. She most likely died from dehydration, so she just wasn't nursing enough. Rest in peace little one.
~Another search we are concentrating on at the same time, is for the oldest mare on the river and her foal. They were not with their band last week. This matriarch's name is Rosa and we named her new filly Rosy, after her mother, because this is to be her very last foal, so that she can retire.
Yesterday however, we saw 8 week old Rosy all by herself across the river, which unfortunately means that 25 yr old Rosa is most likely deceased.
~ This is the very hard part of what we do, the losses are difficult, sometimes unbearable. It would happen too ofcourse if we were not around. Natural deaths happen in every herd, and the death rate is much higher than anyone would expect.
~ But through the hard times, we make their lives better and we prevent a lot of suffering when necessary. That's what constitutes humane management.
~ SRWHMG Volunteers finally on their way home from this really long day, all of a sudden saw FIRE!!
It was at the entrance to the Bull Dogs on Usery Pass rd. After calling 911, the four last volunteers left in the TNF, started shoveling dirt quickly onto the flames. (We carry shovels just in case). 20 minutes later the brush fire was doused by the Mesa Fire Department and they wondered how we knew what to do. We Said "Cactus Fire".
~ Then we looked at eachother and the weird feeling came upon us, that this Brush fire was maybe just Cactus Fire reminding us, how dangerous fire is, or maybe he just wanted to go out with a bang. Goodbye Cactus Fire, rest in peace.
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1st of June 2019 01:35 PM Link
One year down, 100 more to go! How time flies when you are doing the right thing!
~ One year ago we were hired by the State of Arizona to do the very important job of humanely managing the Salt River wild horses. We have accomplished soo much in that time!
~We never said humane wild horse management would be easy, but we said it would be possible. Our programs are running smoothly, and by everyone working together we are successfully preserving and managing an important historic and recreational resource as part of our national heritage.
~ Thank you Governor Doug Ducey for your leadership on this, thank you Representative Kelly Townsend for sponsoring the bill for their protection, thank you Arizona Department of Agriculture and director Mark Killian for seeing it through, and thank you Jaquelyn Hughes for the close working relationship and the renewal of our State Contract!
~ We also want to thank @MCSO Lake patrol and @MCDOT for their supporting roles and our national coalition partner the @American Wild Horse Campaign.
~ Last but not least, we want to thank our incredibly hard working volunteers and we want to thank YOU, the always supportive public who gave them their voice.
~ We believe that all wild horses deserve these humane standards of treatment and we hope that through our work, this will become more the norm, and less the exception.
~ If you agree, please click like, but also please do these few quick actions for the horses:
1. Share this post in many places 2. Thank Governor Doug Ducey on his fb page.
3. Thank the Arizona Department if Agriculture on their fb page and 4. If you'd like to help please invite people to go to our website to contribute to their humane management.
~ On behalf of the Salt River wild horses, we thank all of you, SRWHMG. #SRWHMG #Saltriverwildhorses
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31st of May 2019 05:18 PM Link
πŸ™πŸΌFaith is 2yrs. & Wyatt is 17yrs.
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31st of May 2019 04:24 PM Link
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13th of May 2019 12:40 PM Link
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2nd of May 2019 07:19 PM Link
Ian Millar retired this week from International competition.
~ Good excuse to watch Captain Canada and Big Ben in their glory.
1st of May 2019 07:32 PM Link
29th of April 2019 12:29 PM Link
πŸ₯‡πŸ†πŸ¦„ Region 7 Winners ~ Corinne Smith w/ AlMarah Saturn & Whittle Prank Star πŸ¦„πŸ†πŸ₯‡ #arabianponies #HunterJumpers #UnicornPonies #FlynnFamilyFarm #TheyJumpStuff #Region7
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29th of April 2019 08:06 AM Link
Cactus Fire just turned two. (Named after the fire) Here he is, then and now. He was born with ashes falling all around him and had a bad cough his first few weeks. Now a happy Salt River wild horse and a beautiful one at that. He is the darkest horse we have on the river. There are no black Salt River wild horses.
Happy Birthday Cactus Fire!
To support their humane management go to www.srwhmg.org
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26th of April 2019 11:31 PM Link
~ Project Bring them home #bringthemhome
~ The Butcher Jones horses were driven across Bush hwy sometime in 2014 by some unauthorized cowboys and they became stuck on the Butcher Jones side without access to the River. They survived there because of the watertanks in the rolls behind Butcher Jones, but when those dried up, they ended up at Butcher Jones beach which is the busiest recreation area in the Tonto National Forest.
~ It was not a good situation for the horses nor for the public. We had a terrible time last summer just trying to prevent accidents.
So we are currently relocating the Butcher Jones horses back to the river where they belong and where they will be happy.
~ For those of you who are sad about that, we will let you know exactly where you will be able to see them on the river, once they get there.
~ This is a large project authorized by the AZDA and FS and we sincerely need your support and help.
~ It is not an easy feat to get 40 horses moved safely. We are not the BLM and we use only the gentlest most patient methods to get them there. We use our large manpower to move them.
~ What we need from you is positive thought and prayers and we need you to envision the Butcher Jones horses happily arriving at the River.
~ We also need a lot of financial support at this time to get our well and our electricity going at our SRWHMG property as currently we are driving back and forth wasting too much money to fill up our watertruck to water the horses along the way. (plus our rescues!)
~ For those of you who think the horses will make it there on their own, they will not. Bush Hwy is the first hurdle and another 3 mile fence with only a small opening is the second hurdle. After those challenges are crossed we can give them a push to the river and they will get there.
~ We need the opportunity to do this job without public and spectators, because the mission will fail if spectators send them the wrong way by accident.
~ Therefore we ask right now, that if you see anything going on with wild horses, or if you see them alongside the road, that you keep moving along and don't stop. Please do not be alarmed, no one is rounding up Salt River wild horses.
~ We are steadfast in our mission to always do right by them and we will not falter.
~ If you believe in our mission, please help us fundraise and spread this message.
~ Thank you for your support.
Truly yours,
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21st of April 2019 05:11 PM Link
πŸ₯πŸ‡πŸ£πŸ° Happy Easter πŸ°πŸ£πŸ‡πŸ₯
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21st of April 2019 07:42 AM Link
πŸ™πŸΌ Happy Easter with the Arizona Salt River Wild Horses... #saltriverwildhorsemanagementgroup #bornfree #noroundups #volunteer #protect #educate #donate #shootpicturesnotbullets
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17th of April 2019 07:54 AM Link
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10th of April 2019 12:18 PM Link
4th of April 2019 11:46 AM Link
1st of April 2019 07:03 PM Link
16th of March 2019 06:45 AM Link
πŸ¦„ Have a Great Day...
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7th of March 2019 12:40 PM Link
26th of February 2019 01:32 PM Link
~ Proud Papa ~
πŸ’™ Did you know stallions watch over foals just as closely as the mares do? They worry about the little ones constantly, and often stand guard over them while they sleep. Young Killian is this stallion's first foal. He is a very proud papa and he will defend him.

~ Salt River wild horses are protected pursuant to ARS 3-1491. Please keep a minimum distance of 50 feet at all times and please keep dogs leashed.
Thank you.
~ To learn more about humane wild horse management visit www.srwhmg.org
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13th of February 2019 09:57 PM Link
~ First foal of 2019! We made a post the other day about humane wild horse management and what that means exactly. 4.9k supporters liked that post which was about Squiggle, one of the oldest mares on the Salt River. Now we want to share something equally special with you; the first foal of 2019!!
~ Coincidentily this foal was born into Squiggle's band and he is seen here, saying goodbye to her in her dying moments. The circle of life begins again with this precious young colt.
~ All Salt River wild horses get both a name and a number for record keeping in our database app. We like to name every first foal of the year to honor someone who has meant a great deal to the preservation of the Salt River wild horses, like Ducey (after Governor Doug Ducey), who is now a thriving 2 year old stallion.
~ While an Agriculture Department may have seemed an unlikely ally at first (see Nevada for not so nice Ag Department), it is because of our Arizona Ag Department that our humane management programs are running so well. We highly appreciate our working relationship with our Ag Liaison Jacquelynn Hughes and we want to thank AZDA Director Killian for his full support.
~ So, this cute foals name is going to be: Killian!
~ Please help us thank our Arizona Department of Agriculture (AZDA) and when you see little Killian and his mom, remember to give them plenty of space and respect - please a minimum of 50 ft at all times-, and please keep dogs on a leash!
~ Thank you for your support, SRWHMG.
~ To learn more about humane wild horse management visit our website: www.srwhmg.org
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